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We are the young vigorous developing firm which has been originated by the connection of the young and clever people, which have picked up the experience by practice and after some time they have established their own firm. Our main interest is the quality of our work and our correct behaviour to the customers. We know the locally individuality of the market so we understand to the necessity of our customers very well.

The main core of our business is the assembling and selling electrical assembly.

The aim of the assembling is to farm out the high reliability of the realized distributors because of the period of the changing the cable distribution is usually very long of the reason of the high laboriousness and the high hitting to the structure of the buildings and another difficulties.

Therefore there is the pursuit of using the most quality of the material and the top technology of the installation like dustless grooving, screwless joints. The customer increases the value of his property and the standard of the safety by the complex reconstruction.

By the solution of the new installation the customer makes over his visions to the real life which will be evaliated by himself and his surroundings.

We make electrical assembly of the industrial buildings, family houses, polyfunctional buildings, flats companies, blocks of flats and firms. Our main activities are electrical installation work, slight power and mending and assembling of lightning conductors and the production of the distributors.

Electrical Assembly

Are you looking for the company which is able to make electrical assembly at your house, flat, firm or industrial building quickly, with top quality and for reasonable prices?This is the right address. Profi Electric, s.r.o. offers its professional services! We are looking forward for the cooperation.

The Quality of the Servis

We can offer the large selection of the Electrical Assembling Material of the renowned trademarks LEGRAND, ABB, General Electric, MOELLER, OEZ, ETI, KANLUX, OMS, MODUS and others. These products have the excellent quality and for the better price only in our firm. We are expanding the assortment and we are able to react to each of your requirements.

Electrical Assembling Material

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