The Profi Electric Company provides the production of precise machinery products and technological units:
Spare parts for production lines
Technological assemblies for production lines
Assembly jigs and fixtures for production
Single-purpose technological equipment

The Profi Electric Company unites and represents small and medium-size producers specialized in machinery production on the Považie region, which is historically the most powerful industrial territory in Slovakia. The Profi Electric Company, cooperating closely with mentioned range of companies, knows the strong points of each of them and based on them provides their proper capacity workload. By this virtue, the customer gains a high-quality production for an acceptable goods value, flexible production capacity, communication in English or German, uniform packaging and marking in accordance with request.

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Profi Electric, s.r.o.
Žilinská 790/17
017 01 Považská Bystrica

+421 902 197 049


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